“Nothing Will Stop Me” — DRIP by Thomas Roan.

"Nothing Will Stop Me" — DRIP by Thomas Roan.

Mason Tessler is a lot of things: Stubborn, efficient, and vastly intelligent to name a few. He’s also deeply determined to find his missing wife, Amara. But here’s the thing:

She’s not missing in the “usual” way.

Mason and Amara work for a company called Praxem Industries. Think SpaceX, Tesla, Google. But instead of trying to put a rocket on Mars, Praxem Industries has one very specific mission: To conquer the mystery of the ultimate unknown… Death.

Amara Tessler, a brilliant Mathematician and Lead of Research for Praxem’s Observational Studies program—an experimental trial aimed at bridging the gap between life and death—stepped into a Chamber designed to send her to the other side. That was six months ago.

Now Mason will stop at nothing to find his wife, in life or in death. Even if it means dying a thousand times.

Ask yourself this:

How far would you go to save the person you love more than anything in the world? Would you follow them, even if it meant dying?

And, perhaps even stranger to think about…

What would happen if you actually found them?

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