First, before I get into anything else, I want to say “Thank You!” This is a dream come true. I’ve received some pretty overwhelming feedback regarding DRIP in the first month since its inception; I’m humbled and excited to continue the tale for everyone. I’ll do my best not to disappoint. If you have no idea how or why you landed here, welcome!

I’m an American author.
I live in the Midwestern US.
I’m 30 years old.
DRIP is my first published work.


Thomas Roan Rotzyk | DRIP - a psychedelic thriller that goes beyond the page to give you a glimpse beyond death itself. Mixed Media Web Serial Suspense Trippy Hallucinatory Strange Surreal Surrealistic Surrealism Bizarre Bizarro Creepy Horror Dark Death Praxem Industries, Neuroscience, Audio, Acoustics, Quantum Acoustics, Philosophy, Science Fiction, Genre, Neo-noir, Speculative fiction, Serial Fiction, Free, Long reads, tough reads, hard read


DRIP is my debut work. It’s about a man whose wife, Amara, has tragically disappeared under the scope of a secret experiment hosted and sponsored by his own company—Praxem Industries, a private research conglomerate whose singular vision is to “bridge the divide between life and what comes after.”



When the story begins, we follow [protagonist] Mason Tessler as he plumbs the depths of a hellish noir cityscape in search of Amara. As the story progresses, we can only begin to realize what Mason is doing; the sacrifices to his own mind and body he is making to try and reach his wife.

Along the way, we also discover what has become of Amara and learn more about her history. Every week, I introduce new characters from the world around our main heroes; supporting roles come from Praxem Industries, Mason and Amara’s past, and beyond.


Occasionally, I’ll go back and make a small edit to a chapter that’s already been released. This is necessary with the Serial format to keep the flow updated in the event I miss some small detail, or write something in that doesn’t quite fit. I reserve the right to make these changes. It just means you might have to come back when it’s all said and done and read it again (what a shame that would be).

Thomas Roan Rotzyk | DRIP - a psychedelic thriller web serial mixed media experiment designed to take you beyond the reaches of death itself. Shelf with horror, surreal, hallucinatory, apocalyptic, conspiracy, paranoid, delusional, dangerous, dark, death, suspenseful, melancholy, intelligent, smart, bizarro, gonzo, trippy.


DRIP is not like other stories. Reading is not the only way to play. DRIP is a “mixed media” experiment—that means it’s chocked full of unconventional ways for you to discover, interact with, or become part of the world in which our heroes reside.

I won’t give too much away, but I’m creating original artwork (drawings, sketches, paintings), animations (GIFs and more), film/video supplements, and even music to go along with the story and enhance your reading/viewing experience.

With the exception of the music and some of the earlier images I used in the prologue, I make almost all of these additional “media enhancements” myself. I go to great lengths to hide puzzles, codes, and other fun games within the images and posts. Dig around. You’ll find some fun Easter eggs hiding just below the surface.

Every new post contains some kind of secret. Think of it as a “narrative scavenger hunt,” one in which you play a unique kind of meta-game in order to further your investment in the story.



Finally, as you fall in love with the voices and faces of DRIP, I hope you’ll dive deeper and explore the world I’ve only just begun to design and deploy. At the time of writing, there are dozens of secrets and hidden puzzles waiting to be unveiled by some curious reader.

I can’t wait to hear about your discoveries. In the meantime, I’ll be creating new ways to [hopefully] keep you occupied, entertainment, and maybe sometimes even a little creeped out…

Take a look around the site here for more information.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and send me an email.

Again, from the very bottom of my heart, thank you for sharing this whole experience with me. You’re a very brave little guinea pig, aren’t you?



May 2018



DRIP is a fictional mixed media web serial.

Thomas Roan Rotzyk, DRIP, TOTAO, The Almighty Orange, Almighty Orange Cult, Squee

DRIP is not like other stories. I wanted to create something unique. A story that isn’t just words on a screen or in a book; it’s an experience, something you live. Something to see and hear and feel—and sometimes, after enough hours without sleep, even taste.


S T A R T     R E A D I N G     D R I P


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